Who typically sells a house to Mr.Investor? 

There’s a difference between wanting to sell your home and NEEDING to sell your home. To make a long story short, I typically find myself working with people who need to sell their homes. Here’s why.

Let’s say Jerry has a house that he’s thinking of selling. He’s just not crazy about the layout. The kitchen island is awkwardly placed, and he’s fallen into his sunken living room a few times (mostly late on Saturday nights). 

So, Jerry decides it’s time to sell because he saw a condo for sale on the lake with the most perfect kitchen island you’ve ever seen. Jerry talks to a real estate agent and realizes that selling a house is hard work. Jerry doesn’t like hard work. 

One day, he sees my ad. He gives me a call because he wants to sell his home. I talk to Jerry for a bit, but I already know the answer. Jerry isn’t going to sell me his home. And that’s fine. No hard feelings, Jerry.

Fast forward a couple years. Jerry’s still occasionally falling into his living room and he broke his big toe on his kitchen island last week. But that’s not all. Jerry’s in a tough spot. His boss needs him to relocate, like, NOW. And Jerry’s boss can only help him with temporary housing for about a month. 

Jerry can’t afford two mortgage payments. So now, Jerry NEEDS to sell. Jerry calls me again, we set up a meeting, and I buy Jerry’s house. Jerry packs his bags, heads to Tulsa, and buys himself a townhouse with a safer living room.

If you want to sell your house, that’s cool.

But if you need to sell your house, it’s time we talk. I find that most of my clients are either:

  • Behind on mortgage payments
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Unable to pay for necessary home repairs
  • Heirs of a house they don’t need or can’t afford
  • Relocating to a new area
  • Going through a divorce
  • Unwillingly unemployed

Maybe one of the previous situations describes you perfectly or you have a completely different reason for needing to sell your home.

I might not be able to help you through your divorce or find you a job, but I can take one thing off your plate by buying your home and providing you with financial relief.

How does the buying process work? 

Curious about how I buy homes? After you call, I take out my magic fairy dust.

I sprinkle some on my head, fly into your bedroom window, leave a check under your pillow, and take your keys.

At least that’s how I used to do it. Some people didn’t appreciate my creativity. So now, my process looks like this.

  1. You’ll be asked to provide some brief information about your house by filling out and submitting our convenient website contact form.
  2. A local Mr. Investor will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a visit to your house (no worries, they’re crazy fast).
  3. They’ll explain all the boring sales stuff to you, answer your questions, and then evaluate the current condition of your house. They’ll crunch some numbers and make a fair cash offer.
  4. If you decide to accept our no-obligation cash offer, we’ll set up a fast closing date so that you can get your money and get on with your life.

Will I have to pay a fee for you to make a cash offer on my house?

No, you’ll never have to pay a fee for us to take a look at your home. We do accept glasses of lemonade though.

Am I obligated to you in any way if I call or submit your website contact form with information about my house? 

No. I can’t stand pushy salesmen. They’re more annoying than a cloud of hungry mosquitos on a hot summer day. Hungry mosquitoes and pushy salesmen tend to get smacked, which is why I never want to be one. 

You will never be under any obligation to sell your home to Mr. Investor. You can call us, use our website contact form, invite us to your home, ask for an offer, and then never talk to us again. We might be a little sad, but all wounds heal with time. 

But because our cash offers come with no obligations, it doesn’t hurt to get one. In the end, it’s up to you whether you sell to us or not.

Will you pay market value for my house? 

Is there an old banana sitting on your counter right now? If you don’t want to eat this banana, you might think that you should try and find someone to sell it to. And you want to sell it for a million dollars. Can you do it? Absolutely. There’s just no way to know when.

If you have a set amount you want to get for your home, there is a buyer out there that will pay it. But there’s just no way to know who they are, how to contact them, and if they’re ready to buy. 

When you work with Mr. Investor, we’ll answer your questions and evaluate the condition of your home. Once we do so, we offer a fair, no obligational, all-cash offer that’s based on the current state of your home and discounted from the expected retail value after a full renovation. 

So, while we will buy your home, we need to do so at a price that allows us to fix it and resell it for a profit. But don’t write us off just yet. Because we can’t pay market value, we offer several other perks, like paying for your closing costs, speeding up the selling process, and paying for your move. These are all conveniences that add up to a great deal for just about any homeowner.

Move for FREE! If you sell us your home, we’ll pay for your move – heck, yeah! 

Moving is hard enough. Let us help by paying for your move.

Why Sell to Mr. Investor? 

We know that there are a bazillion and one other investors out there. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. We’ll never stop you from shopping around but just so you know, we’re the full package. After all, we:

  • Pay top dollar (and no, we’re not just saying that. For real.)
  • Pay closing costs
  • Buy Houses “As-Is” (again, for real.)
  • Close FAST (faster than a buttered bullet)
  • Make It Easy to Sell
  • Save You from Realtor Agent Commissions or Fees
  • Provide You with a FREE MOVE

We enjoy going the extra mile – it’s less crowded here.

If you NEED to sell your home, the first step is calling to learn more or submitting your information through our online form. We’ll take it from there. It’s time to get your life back on track. Get your home sold TODAY!